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Anonymous asked:

Let me start off by saying I love the work you and your team do, you guys hands down are THE conversation when it comes to creative MC and digital art and architecture. That said, my question to you is, what is your professional background, because it seems to me that everyone on your team has some sort of real world experience with art and design principles. Keep up the awesome work. --Weaver1983-- P.S. Screw registration/logins because I'm lazy like that. :P

:o woah we are? I don’t really get too much of a chance to talk to too many people outside of those I’m working with directly cause I’m *constantly* working, tbh I was just wondering the other day if anyone really knew what I did out in the community anymore. I think I should clarify about uh… “my team” though. My team is really just me and Featherblade, that’s it. 

I have a background in art with my degree (which has definitely come in handy), and Feather actually has a more mathematical background as he’s going to school for programming. It’s really sorta a perfect combination because I can come up with wild ideas - and then he can apply some logistical ideas to them, so that they really make sense structurally which I think is really important. 

Even though we haven’t been able to really release anything specifically with our name on it - I’m glad people still know what we’re doing and that they didn’t think we died off or something - work has just been killing me and making it impossible to record anything, so ofc youtube was the first thing to be put on hold with my schedule so that I can get to everything else :[

hpismylifefan asked:

Will you ever return to meridia? :P

Meridia was…a temporary thing, I never actually wanted it so much because I didn’t have a really good plan for it :/ I was just sorta handed it and said *can you work here?* I would like to return to having an organix place though, I really miss designing purely for fun in that way.


Anonymous asked:

Hi kupo, I am wondering if you have a postal box somewhere so that I can send you a little surprise. :D

ah no, I’ve never actually considered getting one - I don’t want people to send me things, I’m really awful about receiving presents, I always feel like I need to give something back right away ><


Anonymous asked:

I know for sure you have been asked this before but as I can't seem to find it I figure tumblr is a good place for people to find it in the future. What recording software do you use? If it is a paid for one, do you have a suggestion for a semi-decent free program?

I’ve been using OBS for capture which is 100% free :D I’m happy with the quality and it’s great for streaming as well! It takes a bit of tweaking to get the settings that’ll look nice but there are lots of forum posts that should be able to help you out a bit better than I can there.

cactusonice asked:

You said you play(ed?) WoW. What class do you play? And since you are a very artistic person, which zone do you like best, aesthetically?

I played *looong* ago, quit in WotLK about 3/4 through the expansion life itself. I played every class - but my absolute top raiding main (tbc/wotlk raiding) was my shadowpriest, and we went everywhere together :D 

It’s so hard for me to say what my favorite zone was…for me there was so much of that game tied up in not only the looks and styles - but also the music that went with it in each of those zones. I can remember going to certain areas just to chill out and listen to the music, because it was always more fun to adventure with a friend and do that than to idle in Orgrimmar. 

I think my favorite zones where always the ones where the music was quieter/a little sad sounding, so those usually ended up being lots of more forested areas. Starting back in Original WoW: The Temple of the Moon in Darnasus was awesome, some street sections in Stormwind, Tirisfal Glades/Duskwood had awesome atmosphere that was oddly peaceful at times, Ashenvale in general was a great place to walk through.

Moving on to TBC: I loved Karazhan! It was such an awesome mix of all kind of styles in there :D  I think everyone had an island out in Nagrand where they’d chill out, with TBC I started my bloodelf priest that I mained on all the time - so I of course loved their whole start area and city even though it was empty all the time. 

In WotLK I remember just RUSHING to 80 as fast as possible so I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the areas so much, but then I decided to go for all the Loremaster quests. oh man…Crystalsong Forest had such nice music, oh Wintergrasp did too! The Grizzly Hills were really nice - I loved all the streams and rocks and really natural feeling forests there. 

In all honesty I think I enjoyed the music/environments far more than the game itself, I’d love to just be able to walk through some of the places again :<

brianberger7-deactivated2014091 asked:

Have you tried Fallout?

YES! I *love love love* Fallout. I absolutely love the post apocalyptic world, the emptiness, the nostalgic throwbacks, Fallout 3 is probably one of my most favorite games that I’ve played. I’m also the type of person who HAS to get 100% with it, so it’s awesome to just keep exploring nonstop. I love when my connection is out or something so I have an excuse to just play it all night :D


Anonymous asked:

Hey Kupo, love your videos! learned so much. I'm trying to make a monogram for my future youtube channel. As i have NO design experience would GIMP be over kill or should I just stick to paint?

Nonono, Gimp is perfect for people who want to do graphics but aren’t really working at professional levels BUT - here’s the big but. A logo is something that you usually want to design with vector based software - why? Vector images allow you to rescale them as needed without any artifacts or anything getting getting messy, that way you can make stuff that will specifically fit anything that you might want to have in the future (website logo, channel stuff, video stuff, maybe even tshirts!) 

So here’s what I recommend, try out Inkscape, which is also free/open source, and make your logo in there. Even if you’re just making an outline in there, you can always fit that to whatever you want to use it for later on. That’s my personal preference when working, mainly because I have to make things available for *any* platform/media form.

Your other option is to just make a really large scale logo at a big dimension at like 300dpi and just downsize it as you want, but that’s just not really good practice for the most part.

Either way, Inkscape and Gimp are both really good resources for you to get started with, and you will definitely want to start learning them. As you keep doing videos, you’ll always come up with new ideas that you’ll want to add to give your videos a bit more flair, so don’t hold back!

dchyatt asked:

You haven't been on Tumblr for a while, kupo. How are you holding up and such?

I usually spend all my time on tweetdeck, I like to keep it open and just talk during the day with people (without having to worry about holding up an actual bouncing back convo like on skype), so if I’m ever absent from here, you can be sure I’m speaking lots over there :]

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